Since the beginning of the year Alison and I had been preparing for the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair - cutting, folding & packaging our little hearts out! It was our second year at the Fair, and this time we had a MUCH bigger booth. That, of course, meant there was a lot more work involved in filling it :-)


There was also a little bit of added pressure because our booth won "Best Small Exhibit" at last year's Fair, so we felt like we had to make it even better this time.

It was definitely a team effort. Alison's long-suffering husband Greg took care of the logistics of getting everything to the convention centre, and he only complained mildy ;-)

As well as working on the stand for 4 out of the 5 days, Jenny (Alison's Mum), also sewed the fascia cover for us out of end of bolt pieces, as well as all our bunting & tablecloths. She also made the two gorgeous dresses that were hanging up at the end of the fascia.

Sew Creative Supplies Booth

The fourth person manning the booth was Ari, who regularly helps us in the Studio packing orders. She also came in at the last minute on the day before load-in to cut and fold a gazillion fat quarters as we were a little behind. She's pretty awesome like that!

This year we had two more paper patterns from Emmaline Bags - the Spring Sling & the Butterfly Sling. One of our lovely customers Beverley from Beverley Power Handmade whipped up the Butterfly Sling display bag and she also also finished off my Spring Sling which I ran out of time to bind.

We were lucky to have very talented Rachael from Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow create some great quilt patterns for us, so we had lots of display quilts to pretty up the walls, as seen below. The quilt kits for all these are now available through our website too.

Simply Squared Quilts on wall

One of the best things about the Craft Fair is seeing customers from last year come back and show off the items they made from patterns they bought from us previously. I was blown away by this Necessary Clutch Wallet, the customer made the fabric herself! So detailed and so beautiful. I'm disappointed I didn't get the lady's name. If you made this wallet, or if you know the person that did, please let me know so I can credit her!

A customer's awesome NCW

I spent a lot of time on a new hardware display board, spacing out and labelling all the items evenly. Halfway through the first day there were multiple gaps on the board - we had sold out of several items already! And it continued that way for the rest of the show with gaps appearing everywhere on the display. Lesson learnt - when you think you have enough hardware for a Craft Fair, double it - then add 10 more of each just in case...

I'll leave you now with a picture of Alison and I smiling awkwardly in bad lighting. Doesn't the fabric look great? :-P

Alison & Shelley