Wowee, we have received over 10 entries already! So much fun seeing the photos of all the pretty wallets coming in.

Seeing as so many of our wonderful customers make these purses to sell and/or have a sewing blog, we are adding a second category for business/blog entries. There is also a prize for this category, a $50 gift voucher.

I just quickly want to clarify a few conditions, in answer to some questions we've received:

Category #1 - Personal entries

- One entry per person in this category.
- If you have a business/blog you can still put in a personal entry, but no logos, watermarks or any obvious references to your business/blog are permitted on your photos.
- If you become a finalist in this category you are welcome to share on your personal social media accounts, but you are NOT allowed to share asking for votes on your business social media/blog etc. This is to make it fair for other finalists who do not have access to a huge audience to request votes from.
- Finalists will remain anonymous on the voting pages until after voting has closed.

Category #2 - Business/Blog entries

- One entry per person in this category
- Logos, watermarks etc. permitted on your photos and we will link to your page/blog on the voting page if you become a finalist
- Share as much as you like on your business/blog social media. Don't forget to use the has tag #sewandtellcomp

I hope that covers it. The contest is still open for entries until the 10th May, so it's definitely not too late to start. Don't forgot you can use the code SEWANDTELL to get 15% off your twist lock until 3rd May. To browse our twist locks click on the image below:

Twist Locks