Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access details of my past orders?

Please log in to view your past orders in the My Account section.

The fabric prices are all per metre. Does that mean I can't buy less than one metre?

Not at all, the minimum amount you can buy is actually 0.2m (20cm) for most of our fabrics, with increments going up 0.1m (10cm). Clearance items and $12 fabrics are 0.5m (50cm) increments.

This website supports decimal numbers which makes things easier, because now you can just type in 1.5 to buy 1.5 metres, or 0.8 to buy 80cm.

Do you have a shopfront?

No we don’t, we are an online store only. We do allow pickups though, from our office in Malak, Northern Territory.

Can I order a sample of interfacing so I can see what it’s like before I buy?

Yes, we will be adding the ability to purchase a small sample to the website soon. In the meantime please Contact Us and we will help you out.

What do I do if I order a fabric and the colour is not what I expected?

You can return it for a refund if it was not a clearance item. Please see our refund terms and conditions here

Do you do wholesale prices for ABN holders?

We don’t do wholesale pricing but we do bulk discounts on a lot of items. Bulk prices are available to everyone, you don’t need an ABN.

I checked-out as a guest without creating an account, how do I see details of my order?

Use this link:

Do you take phone orders?

Yes. If you are having problems placing your order online you can phone it through on 0405 858 955. Please note though as we do not always work during "normal" business hours that the phone may be unattended sometimes during the day. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.